How Fitness Gave Me My Life Back!

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Have I ever told you guys how fitness gave me my life back and why I decided to get involved in fitness as a career?

In 2004, I was in a pretty terrible car accident.  Some irresponsible, drug-abuser slammed into the back of my car at warp speed a couple of times before I went front bumper first into the concrete wall.  It left me with severe back and neck pain which doctors termed “chronic”.  I did physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, corticosteroid injections, and everything else available.  They helped…. temporarily, but I got so tired of having to go to these appointments for a “quick fix”.  It was discouraging, frustrating and I knew I needed something else. I was tried of spending so much time stuck in bed with pain. I was missing out on life! I couldn’t DO ANYTHING! Continue reading →